Termilux International Terminal Design

What if Moore's Law were slowed down whereas integrated circuit technology doubled every 10 years, rather than 18 months? What if the Terminal was still around? Maybe it would look like this? I needed to get it out there to find out. Modeled in Rhino and rendered in Maxwell.

Yokohama iPhone Case

iPhone case designed for Yokohama pitch. Case is made from recycled tires in the shape of a tire tread. I came up with the concept and it led to another concept called TRED - jewelry made from recycled tires.

Wordace Package Design

The American Inventor TV show producers asked me to design a package a contestant. I designed and 3d modeled the overall packaging in Rhino and made it real via Stereo Lithography using Forecast 3D in Carlsbad, California. I partnered up with Tan Le who designed the fantastic Logo.

Aeroponic System made from a Sonotube

As part of my Vertical Farm designs - this Aeroponic System is designed inside a Sonotube - usually used to pour concrete into in order to create pillars to support structures. This Sonotube was cut and manipulated to grow food.

Soccer Ball Magnetic Puzzle Concept

A concept born out of a project for Spalding, this magnetic puzzle is shiny and fun. Each piece has magnetic edges that snap together to create a miniture soccerball. All that needs to be manufactured are two pieces which makes this puzzle inexpensive to manufacturer.

Home of the Blues Book Artist Identity Design

I was asked to design a artist logos for a fantastic Blues book. Hatch Show Print was my inspiration. All designs shown were 100% created in Photoshop and Illustrator - using no real presses.

CCTV (Cponsored by Red Bull)

While doing work in Beijing, I designed a CCTV Flash game, digital trading cards and a widget for the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

abc's LOST Dharma Iching translation app

iPhone app (concept art) for an iching translation system created for the abc dot com team.

Portable basketball hoop system

I was asked to come up with an idea for Spalding, and I couldn't resist creating this portable basketball hoop. I've never liked the look of these things, and felt that one that could fold up and roll back into the garage could be cool. All that needs to be installed is a shaft - secured with concrete and a metal cover. Simple.

Industrial design / modeling / rendering

As well as interactive and identity, I have a background in Architecture. I was fortunate enough to design the first widely published Vertical Farm concepts. They were first published in New York Magazine and Plenty Magazine, and have since been published all over the world. I am currently working on my next concept design.
My alter ego
To contact me, please email me at chris@chrisjacobs.com.